starting out in the graphic arts field in high school working as a paste-up artist, i’ve learned the principles of layout and design in the traditional “old-school” methods. growing in the industry as technology advanced has given me the advantage of maintaining fundamental design principles while specializing in Adobe Creative Suite products.
MiLenka OMG Hair
MiLenka IDK Makeup
MiLenka BFF Nail
MiLenka BTW Hair&Cafe
MiLenka OhGirl
MiLenka LOL Nail
Gracie's Place Welcome
Gracie's Balloons
Gracie's Bass House
Gracie's Fish Fence
Gracie's Place Clown
Gracie's Place Photo Booth
Gracie's Sand Castle
Gracie's Sea Horse Rides
Gracie's Star Stage
RenChurch Poster
Kristen IB Yearbook
Melani IB Yearbook
FOS Earth Day Ad
2001 FAF Poster
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Liz Huggins-Thompson
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